Free Coaching for Artists

Free Coaching for Artists

Somos Brujo is a thoroughly free community of artists from every discipline who want to explore their subconscious, build stronger creative routines and grow their audience. 

The conversations you're not having. 

It can be tough to find people who want to talk about creativity as much as you do.

Somos Brujo is an on-going dialogue about the internal and external work of being a thriving artist, from soup-to-nuts.

Need to tame a band mate, explore a recurring moment of self-sabotage or strategize on how to approach someone who can help you? We're here to talk. 

When your intentions are quality, the quality of your work will constantly improve.

Acceptance, appreciation and accountability. 

Most people are downright hostile towards artists, because we threaten to rip open the pinhole through which they see the world. 

That's why as artists, we have to innoculate ourselves against the naysayers and control freaks that dominate our culture. 

No matter how weird your ideas might seem out in the world, when you bring them to Somos Brujo they'll be appreciated (and gently challenged) so that you can continue to grow.  

We'll also expect you to tell us what you're going to do, and when you're going to do it, and we'll hold you to it. 

What do you do when you run out of path? 

Roadmaps and strategies for the head, heart and hands. 

You have a right brain and a left brain. A head and a heart. At Somos Brujo, we strive to create strategies that work for both your conscious and subconscious mind. 

That means combining meditations, dialogues and step-by-step formulas so you can understand what you're doing cognitively and emotionally and actually be able to practice it. Because we don't really know something until we can actually do it.  


A Playful Slack Community

Somos Brujo's online Slack channel allows you to quickly post questions, share insights, get feedback on your work and engage with an ever-growing database of strategies for becoming a more valued artist.  

Friendly Accountability 

Got a goal for today? Tell the community to increase your commitment. Get kudos when you complete it, and gentle derision if you don't. 

Weekly Group Coaching Call

Every Wednesday at 7pm Pacific, Morgan Oxley jumps on the phone to take your questions. Morgan's a great guy to talk to about creative obstacles (because he's had so many of them) and a fountain of simple and fun ways to grow your audience. 

Even if you don't have a question, it's worth eaves-dropping on the challenges other artists are facing. 

Morgan on a coaching call. 

It's free and always will be.